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     I was born in Kracow, a magical city considered to be the centre of Polish academic, cultural and artistic life. Strongly influenced by its rich history, medieval landmarks, abundance of museums and art galleries, I decided to study conservation of art, focusing on architecture. 
     I developed an interest in drawing and painting after finding a stash of old sketches and watercolour paintings by my grandfather. At that time however painting was more of a hobby for me, and I decided to change my carrier to  social work.
     I moved to New Zealand in 2012 where I lived in Taranaki, Gisborne and now Richmond. Overwhelmed by the beauty of New Zealand as well as the lifestyle it offers, together with my husband we started capturing all the amazing things around us on photographs. However it was only after I joined a local art class when I re-discovered my true passion – painting. I still love New Zealand landscapes, which I paint every now and then, but I found that it’s the small things that really speak to me, like flowers with their colourful petals or birds. My acrylic and oil paintings are richly coloured and full of light and I am drawn towards realism.
   I am a member of Nelson Art Group and Tasman Visual Arts Group, I love amazing landscapes painted by Andrew Tishler and stunning flowers by Lyn Diefenbach.